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1596324862147 said: Les photos que tu as prises de la rue et des gens qui y marchait, toutes ces personnes tu les prenaient spontanément ? Sans avoir la gène qu'il te voit ou quelque chose comme ça ? C'est mon unique crainte des photos dans la rue...

Hi, excuse my french, it’s not my strongest language, that’s y I’m gonna reply in English, sorry. 
From what I understood in you question, is that you’re asking about how to manage taking photos spontaneously of total strangers in the streets. 
Well, look, it’s not easy, that’s a fact. But you have to hunt for the photo, you have to work hard to get it. Even if it took you to ask people for their photo (They never say no, unless u look creepy). Or, if the shot is candit, they’ll never notice. Either ways, u can run away with some amazing shots. 
P.S. All of the above cannot be applied while policemen or security guards are around, they act very edgy when they see someone with a pro camera!

so, take care :)



Photographer Irene Suchocki

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Manuel Cafini - Human Body in Motion

The Yellow Project

It took me nearly 5 months to compose this project. What is it about? well, I’ll leave it to you to answer that …

by Robert Zikry

During his long career, photographer Robert Doisneau documented the French people. His camera sought the surreal in everyday life; the amusing juxtaposition, the faibles of human nature, all captured by an artist who was charmed by his subjects. 

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"I didn’t just build a camera. I created a time machine."

SILVER & LIGHT - by Ian Ruhter